My 10 Days

Small business, Big difference.

Skills Venture - Margaret

India and LEPRA Health in Action had a profound impact on Margaret.

It was nice not to be thrown in head first into what is a very different life here. School is going well and it finishes at 1pm so I often visit LEPRA afterwards to see what’s going on. Seven cases of leprosy were diagnosed in Jeypore alone in one day -- incredible! They are doing such a great job here and working such long hours. I’ll continue to do all I can to help support them.

I visited new grain banks and delivered bicycles to leprosy patients. I opened a community centre for sex workers in the Koraput district as a meeting place for the women. I helped with disecting research collected by field workers. Nothing else instantly springs tom mind, oh, I spent quite a bit of time at the in patient ward in Koraput, did a bit of yoga with them!