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London-Paris Cycle Ride

For my mums 50th year she decided to do something monumental…

“I’m cycling from London to Paris for Breast Cancer Care” she said “And you’re coming too!!” So after A LOT of training, we set off on our 4 day trip to Paris, making sure we were fully prepared, with the right bikes, and the right clothing.

Day 1 - London to Calais Beautiful Kent countryside, a MASSIVE hill and some punctures. A long day but plenty of rest stops, jelly sweets and water get you through! (Be sure to pack some Vaseline as this is a hard day on the rear end!)

Day 2 - Calais to Abbeville Another long day but the views more than make up for it! And after 2 days we were still smiling!!

Day 3 - Abbeville to Beauvais Lunch by the Seine, a quick beer to help us through the last bit! Feeling very tired and emotional at this point!!

Day 4 - Beauvais to Paris!!!! WE MADE IT!!!! (Don’t forget the tissues, as it’s very emotional) And then we partied with some of the amazing friends we met along the way… This will be the most amazing experience for you. As long as you put in the training before you leave you will not find it too hard. Good luck with your fundraising and for the trip!

We hope you come back with as many happy memories as we did! In fact we’re quite tempted to sign up again and join you!!