My 10 Days

Small business, Big difference.

Go on, give it a go

  1. Whether it’s teaching, trekking or training, there’s something for everyone. Just decide what kind of activity you’d love to be part of for your Ten Days. Struggling for inspiration? Take a look at our Projects page for some ideas that might spark something off and get your mind racing with anticipation.
  2. Next step is to decide whom all the blood, sweat and tears are for, because at the end of the day it’s all about giving a helping hand to people who don’t have the opportunities we do themselves. Either choose from the charities listed or let us know about another organisation you’d love to support.
  3. Now take it to the big guy, the cheese, the man or woman at the top. We all want to keep our holiday for that lazy week or two on the beach, which is why your boss needs to agree to the My Ten Days initiative and give you an extra Ten Days paid leave. To make it easier to twist his or her arm, just download the members’ pack which includes a list of all the pros of My Ten Days. After that, resistance, we hope, will be futile.
  4. Once your boss has agreed that you’re an inspiration to the team and has okayed your Ten Days, it’s time to get talking to your chosen charity who will guide you through the ins and outs of your challenge.
  5. Preparation for the big day. Whether you need to start your training, send out fundraising letters or just get to know a bit more about what you’ll be doing, it’s important that you spend the next few weeks/months preparing yourself so that you get the most out of it. After all it’s your Ten Days!