My 10 Days

Small business, Big difference.

So you're the numero uno?

  1. We’ve all heard of CSR, but what does it really mean to you above and beyond turning the lights off, half-filling the kettle and recycling paper? Well, it’s about being seen as a company that gives employees opportunities: opportunities to contribute to the people and communities around you, both at home and further a field.
  2. Sign up to My Ten Days and have access to a bank of information and inspiration. We’re not here to ask for your money, we just want you to give some time. Even if it’s just one employee per year, we want you to give them Ten Days paid leave to go and do something truly worthwhile.
  3. That’s the easy part. Now you need to sell it to your team. When you register for My Ten Days, you’ll receive a members’ pack which includes material to put up around the office, as well as a list of all the pros for your employees to encourage them to get on board.
  4. Once you have a willing victim, sorry, volunteer, it’s time for them to register to get the boll rolling (see ‘how it works – for employees’).
  5. Why stop at one? From teaching to trekking, swimming to singing, there are some incredible challenges out there for each and every member of your team. All it takes is the okay from you so that they can get involved and start to make a difference.